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For a visitor entering the cathedral for the first time, the effect is breathtaking. Myriad hues and shades in dominant, blue, red, purple, orange, green and amber are intermingled to form a spectrum of their own. This dazzling rainbow is projected into the nave and reflected from the walls, the floor, and the bronze chandeliers, at any time of the day contingent upon the position of the sun.

The late Sicilian born master Andrew R. Maglia, a native of Palermo, was the artist who designed the magnificent Venetian glass mosaic mural adorning the Cathedral's sanctuary as well as all the stained glass windows throughout the church. His works were a product of the ancient European guild system. He immigrated to the U.S. where he founded Maglia Studios, Detroit, Michigan. He is recognized as one of the most renowned American stained glass artists of the 20th century.


 Apostles' Creed 


At one time from the east wall, at another from the west, the entire interior can be said to glow with varying color patterns. This colorama is achieved through the artistry embodied in the stained glass window planning and in the final product. Antique type precious glass blown in Germany, England and Italy was used for their production in a Florentine Studio. Some two hundred variant shades of colored glass make up the entire art scheme.


The Apostles are used as the theme of the nave windows; and appropriately so, since the Catholic Church is built on the foundation stones of the Apostles who were the first bishops. Since every Bishop as Ordinary of his diocese is a successor to the Apostles, a Cathedral Church, the Bishop's church, could not have a more symbolical theme. The Virgin Mother of God finds her place among the Apostles, and rightly so, since in her universal Queenship she is also Queen of the Apostles. Her portrayal as well as that of the Apostles is in heroic size, the color tones and lines of the garments blending into the background.


Jewel-like medallions depicting an appropriate symbol particular to the Saint complete the picture. Above each of the Apostles is fiery flame symbolizing the Descent of the Holy ghost.














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