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The parishioners of St. Columba, "Our People" are the life-blood of our church family. Browse below to see some of our people in action at different events locally and abroad.

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Sister Martha Reed
Photo by Robert K. Yosay

The boys of Sister Martha
Published: 3/2/14, By Todd Franko, Youngstown Vindicator

A door opens abruptly to the classroom, and three adults awkwardly shuffle inside.

In their hands, each has either an arm or a leg of a seventh-grade student who dangles above the floor as best they can hold him up.

They gently set him down on the floor in a scene that, to a guest, is quite perplexing, but to them is rather ordinary. They don’t even see me watching.

Without hesitation, Sister Martha Reed scrambles from her chair to the floor to get eye level with her student. He is sitting upright now on the floor. She is lying down in full stretch like a wrestling referee would. Click here to read the rest of the story

Colleen McNally Harris has been a cantor in the Cathedral of

Saint Columba in Youngstown for over twelve years, under the
direction of Dr. Daniel Laginya. There she has performed as both
soprano soloist and in a Renaissance Quartet for various occasions in
the Church. As a member of the Youngstown Symphony Chorus for over twelve years Colleen performed with the chorus at Carnegie Hall in New York City on two different occasions, where the Chorus performed the Mozart Requiem and Handel’s Messiah.

Colleen’s style of singing has been greatly influenced by the sacred
music tradition of the Catholic Church where she began singing in the St. Dominic school choir in the first grade under the direction of Dominican sister, Sister Celine. There she was introduced to the early music of the Church, and developed her love for a capella singing and Gregorian Chant. The purity of sound that can be achieved in a capella, unornamented singing is something that truly can uplift and inspire. The intricate harmonies of the early music of the Church are so very beautiful and set the tone for prayer and contemplation. A highlight of her career was leading the singing during a Mass for Pilgrims at the Church of Santa Susanna, the American Catholic Church in Rome, during a pilgrimage in the Jubilee Year of 2000.

Prayer to St. Columba

Learn more or hear samples or her music at colleenharrismusic.com

Passion for music ministry leads to formation of Diocesan Youth Choir

By Marly Kosinski - Special to the Exponent Friday, October 01, 2010

When she was in the 3rd grade, Barbara Zorn started playing the organ during Mass at Holy Family Parish here.

She said Vatican II reforms had just been approved and she realized the importance of music ministry, so she and her sister Mary Ann took piano lessons and eventually translated those skills into playing the organ.

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